Multi-Story Exhaust Systems

Our multi-story exhaust systems are specified for multistory clothes dryer exhaust, kitchen hood exhaust or bathroom exhaust risers in multi-family dwellings to provide an alternative to energy-consuming, inefficient single-speed exhaust fans. By monitoring the pressure in the riser, the exhaust systems sense the equipment operation and adjust the fan’s speed to prevent over-draft and to avoid low draft situations. The exhaust systems are always active, idling at a minimum speed when the connected equipment is not operating. All of the exhaust fans are equipped with electronically commutated or inverter duty motors to further ensure product longevity. In addition, our clothes dryer exhaust systems are currently the only product tested, approved, and listed for exhausting lint-laden air in commercial applications.

To further enhance the multistory exhaust system designs, factory-built exhaust shafts are available with an integrated fire resistive enclosure assembly. These two-hour fire-rated-resistant exhaust shafts are available with (or without) a factory-installed 22in. subduct.

For your specific project’s needs, please contact our design team to discuss your options.