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Chimney Design Solutions® represents some of America’s leading manufacturers, such as Enervex,  LF Systems and US Draft Co.  The manufacturers we’ve chosen exhibit a dedication to innovate and improve the industry while producing high-quality products designed to meet the stringent standards of consulting engineers, mechanical contractors & building owners.

US Draft Co
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Enervex is a leading company in ventilation and exhaust solutions, specializing in products and systems for improved indoor air quality, safety, and energy efficiency in commercial and residential settings. Their innovative technologies, including exhaust fans, draft systems, and heat recovery units, enhance ventilation while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

LF Systems focuses on several markets including clothes dryer exhaust systems, laundry room make-up air systems, and multistory exhaust systems for bathrooms, residential kitchen hoods, & clothes dryers. LF Systems is the first manufacturer to offer a listed, factory-built stairwell pressurization control system.

Van Packer
Security Logo_2017.png

Security Chimneys is a leading manufacturer of innovative chimney and venting solutions, specializing in the design and production of high-quality, safe, and energy-efficient venting systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 

Jeremias a leader in exhaust technology. They develop innovative systems for a wide variety of applications and markets and offer their customers the most diverse choice of products in the industry and a complete range from easyto-install modular systems to freestanding steel chimneys.

US-Draft-logo-transparent (Glow).png

US Draft Co. delivers pioneering technology for the chimney and venting industry by bringing the solutions necessary for safe, code-compliant design while simultaneously supplying high-performance, low maintenance, dependable products. US Draft Co. offers a full line of chimney fans, power venters, overdraft control systems, and related controllers.

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