Combustion And Make-up Air Systems

Chimney Design Solutions, Inc. represents the leading manufacturers of fully modulating, pressure-based mechanical supply air systems for use in boiler rooms or laundry rooms. For your specific project, please contact our design team to discuss.

Our supply air systems monitor the boiler or laundry room’s pressure and vary the speed of the supply fan to provide the proper amount of combustion or make-up air as it is required by the operating appliances or clothes dryers. Unlike single-speed or staged supply fans, this design ensures that the boiler or laundry room has a safe pressure. Should the boiler or laundry room’s pressure drop to an unsafe level, the system deactivates the appliances or dryers to prevent a potentially hazardous situation. The supply fans are equipped with inverter duty or electronically commutate motors to ensure product longevity. The fully modulating, pressure-based system also removes those large, costly louvers for the building, replacing them with a single, smaller opening.