Chimney Design Solutions also provides its clients with access to the latest technical knowledge via presentations and publications. Currently offering two PIE-accredited* presentations, each program is worth one (1) Professional Development Hour for New York’s Professional Engineers. The presentations are:

Presentation: PS000931

PS000931 – Clothes Dryer Exhaust Outline

One (1) Hour Presentation

1. Types of Clothes Dryers
a. Backpressure Limits
b. Exhaust Lengths

2. Laundry Rooms
a. Design
b. Exhaust Materials
c. Exhaust Fans

3. Multi-story Exhaust Shafts
a. Design
b. Exhaust Materials
c. Exhaust Fans
d. Shaft Penetrations

4. Supply Air
a. Area of Opening
b. Mechanical Supply Air

Presentation: PS000283

PS000283 – Chimney Design & Combustion/Ventilation Air Requirements for Gas-Utilization Equipment Outline

One (1) Hour Presentation

1. Venting of Heating Appliances
a. ANSI & AGA Categories
b. Exhaust Materials
c. ASHRAE Chimney Design Equation
d. Efficiency & Reliability
i. Excess Negative Pressure
ii. Excess Positive Pressure
e. Safety
i. National Standard
ii. Local Codes

2. Combustion Air for Gas-Utilization Equipment
a. Area of Opening(s)
i. Methods
b. National Standard
c. Local Codes

Our publications cover information including the most common violations from the Fuel Gas Code of New York State and the National Fuel Gas Code (NFPA 54) and an overview of the American National Standard Institute’s and NFPA 54’s Appliance Categories.

*Chimney Design Solutions’ courses are accredited through the Practicing Institute of Engineering (PIE). For more information, please contact PIE at 518-283-7490 or